About Us

Who are we?

A group of business professionals and creatives with a passion for entrepreneurship and Africa .

Our aim is to raise awareness of UK organisations, brands and individuals who are working successfully with or in Africa. We also want to deliver information & resources relevant to –

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who are keen to launch a start-up
  • SMEs who wish to explore business opportunities in Africa or work with African SMEs
  • Start-ups who wish to engage with the British African community  



We believe that business opportunities within Africa and between Africa and the UK are untapped and the current economic climate is an ideal time to begin to explore these opportunities.


We aim to do this by bringing together like-minded individuals from all backgrounds, for debate, education and exchange of vital information needed for success. In addition to news and information we will also be hosting our own networking events for like minded professionals who are interested in starting their own business or working with Africa.

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